Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
Cw/J is a HUB and MBE Certified advertising, marketing and public relations company that utilizes television, radio, internet and new
media to promote our clients. We offer a myriad of advertising and marketing services, campaigns and packages customized to best
market their business. We offer coaching, consultation, video production for TV and web distribution, media buys, event planning and
implementation, branding, social media management, web design and management, e-mail blasts, print advertising and more. We have
worked with hundreds of businesses and non-profit organizations. Cw/J also produces Choices with Jeanette for broadcast television
and has done so since its debut in 2002.
ADVERTISING is not to be confused with sales. Advertising is used to increase consumption of products or services through offers and
branding on TV, Radio and Social Media.
Services include: Branding, Media Buys, Sponsorship, Pre & Post Production of Commercials, Infomercials, Shows, Show Segments and
Print Design
Web Design
Web Maintenance
Social Media
Public Speaking
Video Production
Other Services
MARKETING is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to the consumer to acquire sales. Marketing consist of
creating packaging, costing, targeting and delivering. From the basic to major marketing campaigns.
Services include: Graphic Designs of packaging, business cards, print media, Identifying Target Markets, Research Marketing, Marketing
Development, Cause-Related Marketing and Database Marketing.
PUBLIC RELATIONS is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or organization and the public. Topics
of public interest and news items are used to persuade the public, investors, partners and other interested parties of its brand and
Services include:
1. Immediate and continuous visibility on "Choices with Jeanette" TV, Radio and Social Media  2. Press Releases & Public Service
Announcements sent to other media outlets  
3. Brand Protection  4. Public Speaking Staff Training  5. Managing Speaking
Engagements & Appearances  
6. Wardrobe - Body Language  7. Follow-Up with previous "hits"  8. Manage Sponsorship - Displays
Cw/J Choices with Jeanette
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Video Presentation
Event Coverage
Video Consultation
HD Video Recording
Pre & Post
Media Buys
Choices with Jeanette
"Choices with Jeanette" - Reaching 300,000 viewers per week.
15 Years in radio and 12 years in broadcast television.
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"Meet HMSDC"
with Houston Minority
Supplier Development
Council members
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  • CwJ has produced "Choices with
    Jeanette" since 1998.
  • 17 Years on radio
  • 14 Years on broadcast television
  • Airing 30+ times per month
  • International outreach
  • Loyal audiences across all markets
"A Judge's Perspective"
with Retired Judge Bill C.
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