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"Choices with Jeanette" debuted as a radio segment in November 1998 airing five minutes per week.  The radio
show grew from five minutes a week to five minutes a day to our current airplay of six-30 minute slots per week on
television.  Since we began in 1998, our service to clients and the community has afforded us the opportunity to
create "Choices with Jeanette" the television show as well as "Business Week", another radio show.  "Choices with
Jeanette" has been on radio for 15 years and 12 years on television.

In 2002, "Choices with Jeanette" made its television debut.  Its host, executive producer and creator, Jeanette
Harris has spearheaded the show as it has grown over the course of these 12 years. Since its inception, "Choices with
Jeanette" has aired on several stations and maintained its ability to capture and captivate its audience. Even in its first
year of airing it saw a 2.5 Nielsen rating which is outstanding considering it was a new show. The purpose of the
show has always been to enlighten, empower and encourage the community and because of that "Choices with
Jeanette" has made it a priority to do projects with the community in mind. In doing so, it has been able to
showcase those who may not otherwise have a voice, provide resources for those in need and encourage young
people to aspire for more. Over the course of these years, CwJ has produced hundreds of shows for "Choices with
Jeanette" featuring musicians, health professionals, sports professionals, career legends, business leaders, politicians,
artists, culinary chefs, community leaders and more. The relevant guests and subjects from "Choices with Jeanette"
shows have greatly impacted our city and individuals for the better.
About Choices with Jeanette
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About Jeanette Harris
Early Wright,  Jeanette's Father

"Choices with Jeanette"
is produced by CwJ
was one of four out of
60 selected by ION
Television nationwide.
Executive Producers  
Jeanette & Jonathan
Cw/J has been a HUB and MBE Certified advertising, marketing and public relations company that utilizes television,
radio, internet and social media to promote our clients. We offer a myriad of advertising and marketing services,
campaigns and packages customized to best market their business. We offer coaching, consultation, video production
for TV and web distribution, media buys, event planning and implementation, branding, social media management,
web design and management, e-mail blasts, print advertising and more. We have worked with hundreds and hundreds
of businesses and non-profit organizations. Cw/J also produces Choices with Jeanette for broadcast television and has
done so since its debut in 2002.  To see our past and present clients, go to OUR WORK.

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  ONE on ONE GROUP    
Jeanette Harris is a long-time business
professional and media icon, Jeanette
Harris has used her background to build
Cw/J to what it is today.  Jeanette is a
former Xerox employee and former owner
of a small business incubator initiative.  
Jeanette also attributes her success to
her being the daughter of the first black
disc jockey: Early Wright.  She is the
Executive Producer and host of “Choices
with Jeanette”.
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